It is absolutely essential to make the upkeep of your driveline and PTO a top priority

Take off products or PTO products include a 6 volt, 10 volt, equal, rear mount, bearded actors, reversible, split shaft, crank shaft driven, import transmissions, and dual output. These are all critical aspects to a semi-truck’s driving and power capabilities. They connect and disconnect to be easily transportable and fixable through a shaft and bolt connection.

We work with flywheel handlers for trucks as well as driveline in our Roanoke shop. A driveline can be critical to the vehicle. It is not something that is visible to the eye unless you are under it. Although without it, the semi-truck is in unmovable.

Our Roanoke shop can determine if your driveline or power take off parts are in need of repair or replacement.

With our expert and experienced mechanics, your semi truck back up and running in no time.

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